Life revolves around the table!

We made our first table as a gift for our friends housewarming party. Without burnt logo on it and with awry welded table legs. We can still remember this moment, when our friends placed it proudly in the centre of the living room in their new home. It’s a hypnotizing feeling to know that our piece of furniture will be a part of their everyday life. It will be the place where the whole family sits during the meals, where they share all their happiness and sadness. On this table they will lay a white cloth on the Christmas Eve. This table will be important when a baby appears in the family and slowly gets to know the surrounding.

The proud and joy we felt at this moment were the reason why we made the second and third and more tables.
With each piece of furniture we learned more and more about wood and steel. We started to do some experiments with different kinds of wood, colouring the wood, in order to finally fell in love in natural beauty of Polish oak and ash.
They bring back beautiful moments in life, bring the warmth in and with their simplicity adorn the interiors.

SMREKI was created in two different heads, two different personalities, two different perceiving of beauty. For one of us beauty is noble feedstock, for the other it is a minimalistic design. Due to this combination we create furniture, which are a fusion of tradition and modernity.  

We are glad that you plan to invite us into your life!


Hello! I’m Michał,
this conservative

Hi! I’m Jan,
this modern